Casting Heater

Aluminium Cast Heaters are made of tubular type heating coil embedded with Aluminium-Alloy by the forming process. It’s life and performance depends on design of tubular heating elements such as its Geometry/ Structure, Quality of raw material, Stress of heating element, Selection of Aluminum Grade, Casting process, Purity of raw material and Machining process.

Amee Engineers over the period of time have achieved expertise in all above elements and has provided excellent design of heaters in aluminium casting variety. We ensures uniform heating to all corners and excellent thermal conductivity so it can perform with longer and durable life. It can be made in any custom shape and size to serve purpose of uniform heating to the surface. Amee Engineers have expertise in 2 phase (415 V) & 1/3 phase (230 V) Aluminium Cast Heaters which are having higher melting point.

  • Cast Heater are available in various size and shapes such as:-
    • Flat plate
    • L type/Square
    • Cylindrical
    • Straight
    • Ring
  • Density of Heater's watts ranges from 10 to 60 watts per square inch
  • Variety of Terminal location
  • Casting-Heaters can be supplied with cooling tubes & end fitting
  • Surface finish for maximum contact area
  • Temperature range - 100°c to 350°c
  • Uniform surface temperatures
  • High Thermal Conductivity provides uniform temperature
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Protection against vibration and impacts due to rugged construction
  • Cast-in heaters can be supplied with cooling tubes & end fitting
  • Durable Life span
  • Plastic processing industry
  • Blown Film Dies
  • Curing of Bakelite products - sandwich wood, fiber glass products
  • Hot Stamp and Die Heating
  • Indirect Oil Heating
  • Runnerless Molding-Plastics
  • Heating Capacity in terms of Watts
  • Supply Voltage: 24 V/110 V/Single phase/2 phase/3 phase star/3 phase delta
  • Working Temperature (Deg C)
  • Shape,Size (Dimensional Specification) & Mounting arrangement (Holes/Clamps)
  • Terminal positions and type (Brass/Iron Connector)
  • If customized required sample or Detail Drawing of heater

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