Mica-Insulated Band Heater is an efficient and economical solution to the heating requirements of many different applications where installation space is limited. The core of Mica is surrounded by precisely wound heating element which produces a thin and efficient heater. The core of the Mica is enclosed in a continuous corrosion resistant sheath and is then formed. The full Mica Band Heaters are designed with closed ends to protect against contamination. Mica Band can be operated up to 500°C temperature.

The Mica Band Heaters that we make in AMEE has the Superior Heating Performance while being flexible in one Dimension. Several options are available for Electrical Termination Styles and Clamping Mechanisms and also it has the ability to accommodate Holes and Cutouts.The excellent Dielectric Strength and High Temperature Capability makes Mica Heater a perfect choice for both Convection and Radiant Heating. Replacement can be made in the applications where installation space is limited. Mica Surface Heaters are rugged and can be custom manufactured for a variety of applications. Mica Surface Heaters are cost effective solutions which helps to improve your product performance and reliability.

Amee Engineers offers customized size of Mica Heater with excellent heating capacity and reliability. We achieve this stage with the help of well qualified technical staff and experienced workforce. With the latest and fully equipped testing and manufacturing facility, we are able to make variety geometrical shapes in Mica Heaters. Moreover we never compromise with our quality standards in terms of manufacturing process and raw materials.

Heating Surface Material we offers
Galvanized Iron (GI) SS 202 SS-304 SS-316 BRASS
    Image of Internal Construction & Nomenclature of Mica Bend Heater
  • Round Type/Half Round Shape two part
    • Diameter range: 30 mm to 750 mm
    • Width/ Height range: 25 mm to 500 mm
  • Square Shape
  • Flat Type
  • Our expertise to design heater suitable for the supply voltage range from 12 vdc, 24 vdc, 110V,1 phase , 2 phase & 3 phase
  • Terminal types
    • Ceramic Type
    • Cable/Wire Type:-
      • Teflon insulated
      • fiberglass insulated
      • Silicon insulated
      • SS Braided two or three core Fiber glass Cable
    • Bolt type Terminals: SS / Brass
    • Iron Connector Socket
    • Terminal Cover
  • Clamping type we offers:-
    • Flange lockup
    • Latch and Trunion
    • Barrel Nut Lock-up
    • Clamping type (1)Flange lockup (2) Latch and Trunion (3) Barrel Nut Lock-up
  • Flexible one or two – piece design makes installation faster & amp; easier . Its flexible construction also allows the heater to be opened to the full diameter of the cylinder
  • The most common shapes are square, rectangle and hexa-shape Mica Heaters can be manufactured as per your specifications in one or two piece units. Available with leads or terminals
  • Excellent Dielectric Strength at High temperatures with High Voltages
  • Note:In case where high watt densities are required, it is important that all heaters should be used with appropriate, approved and precise temperature control/sensor device(s)
  • Uniform temperature around the Barrel due to conductive Heat transfer
  • Flexible i.e. easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Variety of it can be made according to different Diameters and Heights
  • Lower Product and Operating Cost
  • Injunction Molding
  • Blow Molding
  • Plastic Extruder
  • Polymer Bag Sealing and Cutting Machine
  • Rubber Machinery
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Watts and Operating Voltages
  • Inside Diameter
  • Length/Height
  • Heating Material (SS/GI/BRASS)
  • Type of Clamping
  • Outer Cover (Optional)
  • Terminal Types
    • Lead Cable
    • Brass Bolt /SS Bolt
  • Lead Wire Types
    • Fiberglass Wire
    • Teflon Wire
    • Two core SS Braided

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