Tubular Heater is typically made of Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel or Titanium alloys. They can be configured in a variety of industrial heating solutions such as Flagged Tubular Heaters. The Tubular Heaters are used in a variety of industrial heating applications such as conduction, convection, radiation heating and many more that require process temperatures up to 750°C to heat liquids, gases and solids.

In Amee Engineers we have in-house manufacturing and testing facility to manufacture the best and reliable Tubular Heater. We offer customization of heaters as per the client’s specification and also we design heater as per client’s specific requirements. We have technically efficient staff with manufacturing facilities to make almost any shape or size along with variety bending Radius. We offer different sheath of Tubular Heaters with and without Finns. We use high quality of tube & resistance coil, the pure grade of magnesium oxide for efficient heat transfer from heating coil to the heating medium whether it is air, liquid or solid. Also, this heater can be used in areas where flowing air (in the duct) is to be heated directly. The versatile application of Tubular heaters is an Immersion Heater(to heat up Liquid medium), Air Heater (to heat up Air medium), Mold or manifold Heater(to heat up Solid medium).

Image of Internal Construction & Nomenclature of Tubular Heater
  • Mode of Heat transfer: Conductive / Convective /Radiation(refer: Air Heaters)
  • Shape of heaters: U / M / Multiple Loop / Single Loop / Straight type /Any customize shape
  • Diameters: ɸ 6 mm / ɸ 8 mm / ɸ 10 mm / ɸ 11 mm / ɸ 16 mm
  • Length Range : 200 mm – 3500 mm
  • Bending radius for customised shapes
  • We also offers optional feature of Inbuilt thermocouple/ temperature sensor
Heating Surface Material
SS-304 SS 310 SS-316 Incoloy 800 Inconel 600 Copper Titanium
  • Manifold Heating
  • Solid Mold Heating to heat up specific area of Mold
  • Plastic Bag cutting and sealing machine
  • Heating of liquid Medium (refer: Immersion heater)
  • Heating of Air Medium(refer: Air heater)
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Chemical Industry
  • Watts & Supply Voltages (24V DC / 110 V / Single Phase/Three Phase Star/Three Phase Delta)
  • Heating Material (SS304 /SS310 / SS310 /Copper/ Inconel 600 / Inconnel 800)
  • Heater Geometry such as : U / M / Multiple Loop / Single Loop / Straight type / Customize Shape( Manifold Heaters)
  • Tube diameter of Heater
  • Length of the Heater
  • Bending Radius of Heater
  • Hot Zone & Cold Zone( Non Heating zone)
  • Terminal Thread Size: M4 Thread / M6 thread
  • Heater Fitting : ½” / M12 / M14 / Any Standard BSP thread

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