Cartridge Heaters are also known as pencil Heaters are cylindrical shaped heating elements consisting of a resistance wire coil fused to solid conductors and metal sheath separated by insulation that provides excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength. Different insulation, sheath, and resistance wire materials provide greater temperature performance and offer a wide field of applications. Cartridge Heater is an excellent choice to use as a conductive source for heating solid metal plates, blocks, and dies or as a convective heat source for various liquids and gases.

Cartridge Heaters or pencil heaters can be used in a vacuum atmosphere with proper design guidelines. Cartridge Heaters are differentiated into three categories based on its watts density 1. low Density 2. Medium Density and 3. High Density. All three types of Cartridge Heaters have a separate type of internal construction and for any unique or different structure, it needs special purpose machines for production. We are one of the leading and large scale manufacturers in the Gujarat region equipped with the latest and finest manufacturing facility for all three types of Cartridge Heaters. We never compromise with our quality standards in terms of the manufacturing process and quality of raw materials. Moreover, our wide range of experience in the respective field made us expert and accurate. Our expertise, production capacity, testing facility, and our vision to deliver superior quality of products at a competitive rate in the market made us one of the best leaders. Our Heaters optimum performance under challenging circumstances appreciated by the end-users.

High Density Cartridge Heaters Presently Amee is manufacturing for our esteem customers.
Our Standard - Diameters (ø)
ø in mm 6.35 8 9.5 10 12 12.5 12.7 14
ø in inch 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"
ø in mm 15 15.8 16 18 19 19.5 19.8 20
ø in inch 5/8" 3/4"
ø in mm 21 22 25.4 28 30 31 31.75 32
ø in inch 1" 1.25"
Internal Construction of High density Cartridge heater(HD Cartridge heater)
Internal Construction of Low and Medium Density Cartridge heater(LD & MD Cartridge heater)
Heating Capacity (Watts/cm2)
High Density 20-25 watts/cm2
Medium Density 10-12 watts/cm2
Low Density 4-6 watts/cm2
Sheath Material/Outer Tube Material & Temperature Range
BRASS Upto 400°C
SS-304 Upto 600°C
SS-316 Upto 800°C
INCONEL Above 800°C
  • Length Range: 40 mm to 1200 mm
  • Supply Voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC / 42VDC / 110 V / 230 V / 415 V
  • High Voltage Strength: 1000 V-AC
  • Insulation Resistance: 5 MΩ
  • Current Leakage: ≤ 0.5mA
  • Moisture and Contamination Proof
  • Compact and Rugged Design
  • In-Build Thermocouple (optional feature)
  • Type of cable we offers: Brass/Teflone coated cable/fiber glass cable/Silicon cable/Cable with SS flexible conduit
  • Terminal Positions: Straight/Right angle/Flexible/Fixed Plug type
  • Some times HD heaters used as Immersion Heaters with the help of terminal-end is to be brazed or welded with required pipe fittings
Different Product Range in the Cartridge heater Product's Range
  • Packaging and Sealing Machines
  • Die & Mold Heating
  • Calibration Bath Heating
  • Injection Molding Manifold
  • Beverage Packing Machine
  • Food Processing
  • Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Laboratory
  • Type of Cartridge Heater: Low Density/Medium Density/High Density
  • Heating capacity in-terms of Watts
  • Operating Voltages: (From 12V DC to 440V AC)
  • Diameter
  • Length
  • Hot Zone and Cold Zone (Ideal condition: 1/2” on both end)
  • Terminal Types
    • Brass
    • Flexible Cable
    • Terminal connector
  • Terminal position
    • Straight
    • Right angled
    • Flexible
  • Lead Wire Types
    • Fiber Glass Wire
    • Teflon Wire
    • Silicon cable
    • Cable cover in SS Flexible conduit

For any custom design please provide product sample or it’s drawing for reference

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