Bobbin Heater is made of refractory Ceramic Blocks and Heating Coil. Generally refractory ceramic blocks called as bobbin are made of variety of raw material such as Clay, Steatite, Cordierite and Alumina. Heating coils are made of Ni-chrome wire having various combinations of Nickle and Chromium. Heating coils are stretched and assembled in Bobbins/Ceramic blocks. All insulators are assembled Aline with a terminal block at one end and are centrally supported by Stainless Steel Rod. Some times high temperature applications SS 310 rod can be used. Some times it is inserted into a pre assemble protection tube when it is to be use in gas and liquid heating applications.

Amee Engineers offers different sizes of Diameter which has extensive length. To comply customer’s need we have SPM for manufacturing of Bobbin Heaters components. We have the capacity to manufacture large quantities of orders. The Bobbin Heaters that we make looks like as all other manufacturers make but when it comes to the efficient functioning and life period customer calls AMEE ENGINEERS as always have proven and will prove best for the quality and reliability.

Image of Dimensional specifications and Different segment of Bobbin Heater
  • Open Grove type- with multiple cavity
  • Close Groove type - multiple cavity
  • Heating Range: 0.3 kW to 9 kW
  • Supply Voltage-single phase / 2 phase / 3 phase star / 3 phase delta
  • Standard Diameter of Bobbins - 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm, 38 mm, 42 mm, 45 mm, 56 mm, 65 mm
  • Length Range - 100 mm to 2500 mm
  • Simple and low-cost installation
  • Easy for maintenance and replacement
  • Bobbin type heater are also used to heat solid, liquid and air medium along with specific arrangement and fitments
  • Faster heating due to larger heating area
  • Temp range is up to 600°C
  • Boiling / Indirect Heating of liquid medium
  • Air Heating / Dryers
  • Baking Ovens
  • Suitable for indirect heating of non-flammable gases
  • Scientific and Lab Equipment
  • Wax softener
  • Pre Heating /Food Processing
Standard Diameters of the Bobbin/Ceramic
ɸ 25 mm ɸ 28 mm ɸ 32 mm ɸ 34 mm ɸ 42 mm ɸ 45 mm ɸ 56 mm ɸ 65 mm
  • Length of the Heater : Range from 100 mm to 2000 mm
  • Heating Capacity of Heater (KW)
  • Operation Voltage: single phase / 2 phase / 3 phase star / 3 phase delta
  • Terminal types
    • Stud: Brass / SS
    • Cable: Fiberglass Insulated/Silicon Insulated
  • Cold zone or Hot zone
  • Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Heating Medium: Liquid / Air

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